How to find the right natural stone paving for your driveway

Published : 3/02/2020 - Categories : Default

Take a quick look at our website, and you’ll find many different paving options to choose from. Each type of paving boasts its own unique properties. 

It’s important to select a material for your next landscaping project that will not only complement the aesthetic of your home, but be durable enough to weather the worst of the British climate for many years to come.  

Here’s a little more information on some of the most popular natural stone paving options available from Milestone. 

Limestone paving

Limestone paving is now an extremely common paving choice amongst homeowners thanks to its tough quality and unique veined texture. Limestone typically comes in deep hues, which fade over time into more subtle tones. For a dramatic look, black limestone paving slabs are a great option, while a lighter and airier feel can be achieved with a light blue hue.

As well as adding stylish visual impact to your garden, limestone paving is also extremely durable and requires very little maintenance, so you can be confident it will go the distance.  

Sandstone paving

With its elegant finish, sandstone is fast becoming a solid option for UK landscapers. This paving choice is available in an array of colour tones, from the likes of lilac-grey and blue-grey to the warmer tones of golden cream. 

What’s more, sandstone paving is also extremely easy to clean, and its permeable finish naturally soaks up wetness after a particularly heavy downpour.

Granite paving

Granite paving may not be the immediate choice for many, but it has certainly grown in popularity over the last few years.

This natural stone is sure to bring a contemporary feel to your outdoor space. It’s known for its sleek, smooth surface that’s finished with straight-line edging. It can also be purchased in an array of textures.

Granite has in fact been a key building material since the ancient era and has truly stood the test of time. The fact that it is both durable and fireproof has made it a firm choice for both domestic and commercial settings too.

Yorkstone paving

If you’re looking to achieve a traditional aesthetic within your garden, Yorkstone paving will add some timeless elegance to your outdoor space. 

Offering an attractive two-tone finish, this stone style is one of the most popular in use today both residentially and commercially thanks to its unique visual appearance and optimum strength and resistance.

Slate paving

Slate is a hard-wearing and durable natural stone. It presents an uneven texture which adds a distinctive sheen to the surface and desirable raw quality to the design. 

As well as being one of the most adorable paving options to choose from, slate can be cut to size, which makes the slabs easy to install within your garden project. Another benefit to consider is that should any of your slabs get damaged, they can be replaced individually, without the need to restore your entire patio area.

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