Granite Paving

Granite Paving

Granite paving may not be the first choice for landscapers, but these beautiful, hard-wearing slabs are fast becoming one of the most popular materials for UK gardens. Milestone Supplies offers a huge selection of granite paving slabs in traditional colours, including our stunning yellow variety, which remains a firm favourite amongst homeowners and trade customers alike.

Granite adds a luxurious feel to any environment. Known for its smooth, sleek appearance, granite paving has been used in the building trade for centuries thanks to its versatility and unrivalled durability. From ancient landmarks to contemporary city centres, granite is one of the most identifiable and timeless natural stones, and granite paving has truly stood the test of time in terms of both design and construction. The fact that it is long-lasting, low-maintenance and fireproof means that granite lends itself particularly well to commercial settings, too.

Our granite comes in a variety of textures, including flame and bush hammered, so there’s bound to be a product on our website that’s a great fit for your new design. Milestone’s granite paving slabs are also available in single size packs of varying specifications to suit your installation requirements. The calibrated depth of our granite paving slabs makes laying the product much easier than if it were provided in random depths. We also supply granite plank paving, which delivers an even fresher, cleaner look that’s ideal for modern landscapes.

To learn more about our granite paving slabs, or to speak to one of our customer advisers at our headquarters in Essex, please call 0844 826 3252 today.

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