What payment methods can I use?

All our payment methods are listed below. Payments can be made via most major credit and debit cards. We only use secure facilities to process your payments. These facilities adhere to the highest levels of online security and enforce stringent levels of fraud screening and prevention. This ensures that your details remain safe and secure throughout the order placement and transaction process.






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Is VAT included in the price?

Yes, our prices listed include standard VAT at 20%.

Can you offer me trade or bulk discounts?

Yes, we can.  If you are a tradesman and you wish to apply for a trade account, we can offer discounts on many of our products. You are only eligible for this if you are self-employed or are part of a business or organisation. If you are ordering in bulk, call us. Even if you are a private customer, we can offer discounts on large or bulk orders.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Refunds & Cancellations

Can I return my order if I don’t like it?

Yes, providing the material and its packaging are in the same condition as they were when delivered to you. It is the responsibility of you, the customer, to return the goods back to us at your own cost. Depending on the pallet size, this can be at a cost of anything from £50 to £100 per pallet. Please note that returns will only be accepted within 7 working days following receipt of the goods.

What if some of my order is damaged or broken?

We will replace any material that arrives damaged or broken. We will require images showing the breakages or damage and the quantities. We must be advised of any damages within a maximum of 5 days. Any notifications of damage after 5 days will not be considered or replaced. You will also be requested to keep any broken materials, as we may require these for insurance purposes. Once your material has been used or laid, we will not be responsible for any breakages or damages.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order without cost providing it has not been despatched. We prepare your order very quickly. If your order has been despatched, you, the customer, will be responsible for the costs of returning the material back to us. These costs can vary from £50 to £100 per pallet.


Are all of the products within your website always in stock?

In most, cases yes – but some of our more popular products can become out of stock on occasions. If we are out of stock of a product that you have ordered, we will notify you by email immediately. Our goods are of a fantastic quality, so they’re always worth waiting for! 

Are your products ethically sourced?

Yes, because it is important that you purchase your products from an ethical source. We are pleased to confirm that the supply of our products complies with the Ethical Trade Initiative. We purchase our products from ethical suppliers and quarries with good working conditions. These are visited regularly to inspect that these conditions are being adhered to.

What paving thickness should I have?

This depends on the environment of the area that you wish to lay the product in. 20mm upwards is a must for external patio areas where you have medium to low footfall. If you are looking to use the material for your driveway or within a commercial environment, a 50mm depth upwards is essential. If you are unsure, it’s always best to call us for advice.

Are your paving products calibrated?

Yes, most are. We believe in the supply of quality products. That’s why most of our range of paving is calibrated. Although you pay a small premium for calibrated paving, this can make a huge saving on your overall project. Some paving materials have a depth variation of approximately 20-35mm. Imagine the extra groundwork involved in laying a non-calibrated paving product! You will pay a small premium for a calibrated product, but your groundwork costs will be lower. 

Ask your builder or landscaper for a breakdown of costs as a comparison. You will be pleasantly surprised! 

Are the images on your website a good representation of the product?

Yes, definitely. However, it’s essential that you understand that our natural products have colour and texture variations. We believe that this is what makes them beautiful, but you may not. When ordering from our natural stone range, please be aware of such variations. Some natural stone products are more prone to variation than others. 

It’s important that you consider the lifespan of the product that you are buying, too. Most customers only want to invest once in a lifetime for a big patio or garden project. Although some man-made products have little colour variation, their lifespan can be a lot lower than a quality natural product. Colours can fade much faster. Natural products will weather but will maintain their colours and appearance longer. These days the difference in cost between manmade and matural materials is minimal, but in some cases, natural stone can be more cost effective.

It’s your choice.

Can I request a sample?

Of course! We can supply small or full-size samples of all of our products. Clink the sample tab on the menu at the bottom of our homepage, then fill in the sample request form and click send. Some samples are chargeable, but we promise to refund the cost of these should you complete the order with us.

Can I order quantities that are not listed on your website?

Yes, give us a call with your enquiry. However, the full and part packs that are listed within our site are priced more competitively. You can always call us to compare.

How much weight is in a bulk bag?

All weights in our bags are approximate, although we can advise that our bulk bags will weigh 850kg approximately. This is standard within the industry. We only use quality consumables (bulk bags), but in some cases our bags are slightly larger than the norm to enhance their quality and safety. This can give the visual impression that they are under filled. This is not the case as the bag will still weigh around 850kg. We may even write the weight on the bag for your reference.

How much weight is in a poly bag?

Our poly bags are bagged using the latest technology. They are bagged through bagging machine robots which digitally measure the weight of each poly bag. Despite this automation, we still have to allow tolerances which will mean the weight of the bag will be approximately 25kg. 


Do you charge for delivering my order?

Yes, we do. Delivery costs are included in the listed price.

How long does delivery take?

It depends, approximately 1-3 days via our network of couriers or 1-5 days via our Hiab offload vehicles. Please note that this can change via circumstances that are out of our control or if a product is out of stock. We would obviously notify via email if your order was subject to a delay.

Do you offer an express delivery service?

Yes, we appreciate that you may require your order urgently. If this is the case, give our team a call. We can arrange an express delivery, please be aware that this will be subject to additional delivery costs.  We can quote for this upon request.

Do you offer delivery on a Saturday? 

Yes, we do, give our team a call to discuss your requirements as we will be happy to quote for a Saturday delivery.

Can you tell me the exact time of my delivery?

Unfortunately, not, we can only give an approximate ETA. Delivery times are approximately between 8am-6pm. If you require a set delivery time, please call a member of the team to discuss.

How big are the vehicles that are delivering my order?

Our courier vehicles are approximately 9.9m long x 2.5m wide x 3.6m high.

Our Hiab offload vehicles are approximately 11.6m long x 2.6m wide x 3.9m high. Our crane offload vehicles can vary in size, so please consult with a member of our team prior to discuss their dimensions prior to your delivery.

What do you mean by a courier delivery?

Like most online retailers that supply bulky products on pallets, our goods will arrive via a vehicle that will offload via a tail lift and pump truck.  Be aware that this type of delivery requires flat even surfaces without inclines or declines.

What do you mean by a Hiab offload delivery?

This type of delivery will arrive via a vehicle with the capability of being unloaded via a crane. This type of delivery tends to be more desirable as the driver can usually reach out further and place your goods where you want them. It is still the responsibility of you, the customer, to inform us of any restrictions that may jeopardise your delivery. Once the delivery has been made, the responsibility of the materials is yours, so be sure not to agree for the materials to be unloaded in a dangerous place or an area that may obstruct other people.

Do I need to be present for my delivery?

Yes, the driver will require a signature for the goods. This also means that there is more chance of the driver placing the products where you require them.

Will you deliver to the front or the rear of my property?

All materials are delivered to the front of your property via the kerbside.

Will my whole order arrive at once?

Generally, yes. However, you are ordering various products from multiple suppliers and origins, they may sometimes need to be separated into more than one delivery. If this is the case, we will notify you via email.