If you’re searching for affordable landscaping products that will add a unique sense of style to any outdoor space, look no further than our reclaimed building materials. Milestone sources and stocks an incredible range of reclaimed paving, cobbles, setts and kerbs that have been salvaged from their original homes and are ready to be reused.

Though these products may be second hand, you can rest assured that they are still of the highest possible quality. Reclaimed materials may not deliver the ‘uniform’ look of brand new stones and setts, but they are sure to add a distinctive character to your garden or commercial setting.

Buying reclaimed materials doesn’t just result in stunning landscapes. Choosing to purchase eco-friendly products is also a sustainable way to contribute to the future of our planet. Activities within the building industry have a significant impact on the environment, particularly in terms of energy consumption, pollution and waste, and as we all know, our natural resources are finite. Reclaimed building materials encourage you to recycle – and in some cases, upcycle - landscaping products that are looking for a new home.

View our popular range of reclaimed Yorkstone paving slabs.

 Reclaimed Yorkstone

 Reclaimed Yorkstone

We also offer reclaimed granite setts and cobbles, and reclaimed granite kerbs.

We also supply reclaimed bricks and sleepers. We have many different reclaimed materials in stock, but availability cannot be guaranteed due to the fast movement of these types of products. Be sure to keep a close eye on our range to make sure you don’t miss our best deals. We have a full list of reclaimed stock products available on request.

And remember, if you’re looking to sell reclaimed materials to a reputable supplier for a fair price, Milestone can assist. Click through to our sales page for more information.