Boulders, Rockery & Feature Stones

Boulders, Rockery Stones & Feature Stones

The sky’s the limit when it comes to arranging our amazing range of rockery stones and feature stones in your outdoor space! Milestone stocks all kinds of decorative natural stones that can be used to liven up any landscape. From large boulders for that all-important centre piece, all the way through to smaller rockery stones in various sizes, tones and shades, our selection has everything you need to develop your very own piece of outdoors art.

Frame a water feature with a mixture of gabbro boulders and porphyry plattens for an eclectic look, or choose the distinctive angular veins of firebird rockery stones to add some heat to your design. Further warm tones can be achieved with our Yorkstone and Purbeck limestone varieties, while our popular purple, blue slate and green slate feature stones will have a profound impact, wherever they are placed.

Most of our boulders and feature stones are provided in random lengths, widths and depths to help you create a natural-looking focal point.

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