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Flat Roof Pebbles and Aggregates

Our range of flat roof pebbles and roofing aggregates are perfect for use on a variety of residential and commercial buildings. These covering materials can be used to protect the building membranes on the roof from the sun’s UV rays, which over time may cause structural damage and deterioration. Assorted roofing aggregates, such as ballast, pebbles and limestone, can be used to weigh down insulation sheets on inverted roof designs and keep everything in its place; they can even be laid on and around drainage areas to aid adequate water flow.

We often advise our customers to lay light-coloured roof aggregates, as fairer shades will better control heat absorption. As well as boasting a range of practical qualities, our flat roof covering materials also serve a decorative purpose and can transform a previously unusable roof into a safe and enjoyable haven for residents.

All of our flat roof pebbles and aggregates are available in either bulk bags or easy to manage poly bags to meet your exact requirements. If you require any more information about our flat roof pebbles and flat roof aggregates before committing to a purchase, don’t hesitate to contact our team directly.

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