Why is good quality topsoil so important?

Published : 30/03/2020 - Categories : Default

If you’re a gardening newbie, you may never have considered the importance of topsoil for the health of your garden. Topsoil is the outer layer of soil which provides the natural environment with organic matter and microorganisms to promote the health and growth of plants. It typically contains four essential elements – mineral particles, organic matter, water and air – which work hand-in-hand to achieve this.

Exploring the benefits of topsoil for your garden

First and foremost, topsoil helps improve the quality of your current soil. If you are planning on landscaping your garden or restoring your flower beds, you must purchase the correct type of topsoil for the project, or your hard efforts will be wasted. If you do happen to use the wrong topsoil, it is likely to wash away after a heavy rain shower or may even lack those essential nutrients needed to help your plants and flowers blossom to their full potential.

Unless you regularly maintain your garden, it is unlikely your soil will remain in a healthy condition, so in this case, you will need to invest in a new batch of topsoil. Similarly, newbuild properties usually have little or no topsoil in gardens as the existing soil has been upturned and damaged continuously during the construction process. 

What can topsoil be used for?

Topsoil has several uses in the garden. It can line flower beds and borders, become the base for laying turf and also paved patio areas (if you are planning on adding raised beds around the slabs).

Topsoil comes in a range of qualities but mineral particles typically make up 50-80% of its composition. The difference in minerals can impact the topsoil’s overall success when it comes to assisting with water drainage and lawn damage. If you are planning on using topsoil for plant beds, you will need to spread approximately two inches over the area, before mixing it with around 4 inches of the current soil. 

Topsoil plays an important role in repairing extensive lawn damage. During hot spells in the peak of summer, it’s not unusual for patches of grass to die due to lack of hydration or as a result of diseases spread by insects. Topsoil can be added to the existing soil to aid the growth of grass seeds (do bear in mind that this will only work if it is congruent with your grass type). Adding just the right amount of topsoil to the specified area will instantly fertilise the grass and show progress in just a matter of weeks.

If you would like any further advice on purchasing the correct topsoil for your garden, please feel free to get in contact with a member of our team today by calling us on 0844 826 3252. We will be happy to assist with any queries you may have. We are an established topsoil supplier that sells topsoil both in large bulk bags or in smaller, loose direct loads, dependant on your needs.

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