The top landscaping trends to monitor in 2020

Published : 22/01/2020 - Categories : Default

Creating a garden that serves its purpose as a place to relax is the key to landscaping success in 2020.  

Here’s our round-up of some of the landscaping trends to watch in the next twelve months! 

1. A tiered garden

The majority of gardens are built on a single flat level, yet experts claim tiered gardens are growing in popularity and will become hot property this year. This garden style is much easier to construct if the home is built on a hilly landscape – if this isn’t the case, a full reconstruction needs to be carried out with the use of retaining walls. 

If you have the space to do so, incorporate paths into your design so you’re able to reach each level of your garden with ease. Paths can either be constructed from solid paving, decorative aggregates or pebbles, depending on your desired finish.

2. Geometric hardscaping 

To give gardens a sense of character, customers are now requesting that their patios and paths are constructed in creative contemporary designs, often using the likes of basket weave and chevron patterns. A professional landscaping supplier will be able to provide assistance on the type of paving suited to your garden and be willing to talk through any specialised pattern requests you may have.

3. Shades of blue

Professional landscapers suggest that vivid tones of blue (including the likes of cobalt and Chinese porcelain) are set become popular in landscaping for 2020. This trend is all based on colour psychology, with blue typically known to radiate a sense of calm and achieve a more laid-back vibe.

There are many ways you can integrate blue tones into your garden, from adding blue-tinged decorative stone to water features, choosing blue-tinted natural stone paving and introducing hydrangea, grape hyacinth and thistle varieties. 

4. Lighting

A full lighting system may not come cheap – but it will make your garden usable all year round, even in the darkest depths of winter! 

Use overhead lights and floodlights to bring the focus to specific areas of your space, or multicoloured accent lighting to achieve a fun and quirky aesthetic. 

5. Technology

Technology is drastically changing the world we live in – and the landscaping community will continue to take full advantage of the latest gizmos when it comes to planning and constructing their designs.  

Green-fingered folk are increasingly turning to gadgets to make their life easier. Apps such as MySoil provide an array of advice and information for newbie gardeners, including the type of plants that are suitable for your region through the seasons; these platforms enable less-experienced landscapers to make better, longer-lasting choices, even if they have limited knowldge. There are also designated apps that can be used to set timers for watering systems and water features – ideal for busy professionals 

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