Spotlight on our range of construction aggregates

Published : 12/06/2020 - Categories : Default

Milestone offers a wide range of construction aggregates for all types of projects. 

Here’s some useful information on all of the materials we stock so you can choose the most suitable aggregate for your upcoming project! 

Sharp sand 

We stock sharp sand (otherwise known as builder’s sand) which has a variety of applications. It’s made up of larger ground rocks and is most commonly used to create mortar for smoothing down floor surfaces and laying paving slabs, as well as slackening heavy clay soil for a more manageable garden environment.

Building sand

Unlike sharp sand, which is made up of larger rocks, building sand has a much finer texture and can be mixed with cement to create mortar for brick laying patio slabs and blocks. It’s also a very effective pond liner. 

Plastering sand

As the name suggests, this type of sand is used for exactly as you may expect – plastering walls and ceilings! It’s always pre-washed to remove stones; this ensures a smooth finish once applied.

All in ballast 

All in ballast is a blend of gravel and sand aggregate used to make concrete, but it also commonly used to create foundations. You can purchase this aggregate from our website in either 10mm or 20mm consistencies.

Play pit sand

If you require smooth sand for a sandpit, play area, school garden or beach event, this is what you need! It’s clean, fine-textured and free from harmful toxins - and to give you extra peace of mind, we’ve made sure that our play pit sand conforms to BS EN 1177. 

Granite MOT Type 1

This product is best suited to hardstandings, building sub-bases, path, road, driveway and patio sub-bases.


Our shingle boasts a naturally angular shape in a range of tones, including brown, white and grey – and these colours all appear much more vivid when wet. It’s suitable for outdoor use and can be used to create paths, borders and driveways and other landscaping elements. You can purchase our shingle in 10mm20mm or 40mm consistencies.

Why order construction aggregates from Milestone?

We’re proud to offer popular landscaping materials at competitive prices that simply can’t be beaten elsewhere. 

Additionally, we offer both courier and crane offload delivery services to most locations in the UK. Shipping by courier is typically the speediest option, but it’s not the ideal delivery method if your road has an uneven surface. A crane delivery, on the other hand, can place the aggregate exactly where you require, which will save you time and money and prevent you from having to move the load by hand.

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