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Published : 30/04/2020 - Categories : Default

Topsoil is the top layer of soil which contains the most nutrients. It can be used for pretty much any garden or landscaping project, but it’s best applied when creating or turning over new beds, laying new lawns and homing potted plants. For the best results, you need to make sure you purchase a fertile and certified product that has been fully tested.

Bark is most commonly used in children’s play areas and as a finishing touch to garden projects. Robust and permeable, it allows for soft footfall and is extremely breathable. Other benefits of bark include its ability to retain moisture in the soil, quash weeds and adding a layer of protection to your plants during harsh weather.

Here’s a quick guide to the products in our topsoil and bark range

Premium grade multi-purpose topsoil

This premium product is made from the highest-quality fertile horticultural topsoil.

Before applying, ensure that all existing materials are removed, including the likes of grass, debris and gravel. Next, disperse the topsoil in piles around the edge of the intended area with a shovel or rake until it an even surface is achieved. Use a measuring stick to ensure the topsoil has been added to the required depth. Finally, level off the surface using a lawn roller.

Landscaping border bark 

Specification: 40-60mm

This landscaping bark is the perfect finishing touch for a gardening project. In an angular shape of 60-40mm in size, it is most ideal for flower beds, borders and pots.

Contract ornamental bark 

Specification: 15-35mm

This type of bark has a much finer and more even appearance than others from our range. With a surface mulch consisting of dark spruce bark and composted woodchip, ornamental bark is better for smaller decorative landscaping areas, beds and borders.

Pine nuggets

Specification: 30-60mm

If you’re looking to make an impact for your landscaping project, consider pine nuggets. The surface of this decorative bark is comprised of 30-60mm angular pieces in a mid-brown tone. When applying, always allow an extra 10% for settlement.

Pine bark chips 

Specification: 18-35mm

This is the highest-quality bark product from our range and is most suited to large landscaping projects, as well as borders and pots. These pine bark chips are extremely durable and can withstand all weathers. They are created in an angular shape of between 18-35mm. When applying, always allow an extra 10% for settlement.

Play pine chips

Specification: 18-35mm

These 100% pine bark chips, which have been manufactured to BSEN1177 standard, are specifically designed for children’s play areas. Soft and absorbent, they are intended to provide cushioning for a gentle landing. They’re an excellent option for outdoor areas in schools, gardens and public parks.

Playchips/walkway chips

Specification: 10-30mm

Extremely low maintenance, cost-effective and available in both hardwood and softwood varieties, these chips are ideal for children’s play areas, outdoor classroom areas and walkways (and are also of BSEN1177 standard). Each chip is created in a 10-30mm angular shape. When applying, always allow an extra 10% for settlement. 

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