Our pick of the top landscaping trends for 2019

Published : 27/08/2019 - Categories : Default

Create a space to explore with separate garden rooms

One of the biggest trends for 2019 is creating ‘rooms’ in your garden. You should use low walls to do this so that the space still feels open and easy to navigate. Create a segment with a wood-fired oven for summer dining, a little secret garden for the kids (complete with their very own summer house), or a secluded sitting area that’s perfect for romantic evenings under the stars. The possibilities are endless, and adding different compartments to your garden is a sure-fire way to ensure the space meets everyone’s needs.


Bring the inside out

Be ready to bring your interior design scheme outside in 2019! You can start small with matching accessories or go all out with matching painted walls (bright colours have been another huge trend in the last few months, by the way).

You could also match your outdoor paving to the flooring in your home. For example, if you have a beautiful stone floor in your kitchen or conservatory, bring a sense of continuity to the space with some natural outdoor stone paving slabs.


Asymmetry is key

Garden design has become increasingly playful and creative over the years, and in 2019 asymmetry is dominating home landscapes. Rigid structures are very much out, with a natural and relaxed look taking precedence. You can add some asymmetry to your outside space with curved flower beds finished with natural stone borders, informal rockeries and meandering pathways that lead to areas of interest.


Sculptures can break up the space

Water features are still in vogue, but they have certainly been rivalled by garden sculptures recently. There are no rules with this trend – when we say sculptures, we mean everything from classical statues to ultra-contemporary metal structures!

Another way gardeners are bringing sculptural design to outside spaces is with the use of feature stones. Whether they are displayed prominently on your lawn or dotted through your flower beds, large feature stones are a more low-key and natural take on the sculptural trend that are wonderfully impactful yet incredibly low maintenance.


Endeavour to be eco-friendly

We can’t sign off without mentioning the importance of eco-friendly gardening. Landscapers have really been putting the planet first in 2019 – and long may the trend for sustainable designs continue.

Using solar-powered lights and establishing an area for growing your own produce are great ways to start gardening sustainably. If you are planning to re-design your outdoor space, make sure you use reclaimed materials to boost your green credentials. By giving older, pre-loved materials a new home, you’ll stop them from potentially ending up in landfill.


Be on trend in 2019

However you decide to incorporate the latest landscaping trends into your environment, you’re guaranteed to create something unique that will bring happiness and wonderment to the people who are lucky enough to spend time in your garden.

For more up-to-date landscaping inspiration, be sure to check out Milestone’s Pinterest boards!

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