Fun garden design ideas for Christmas party hosts

Published : 20/11/2019 - Categories : Default

Are you throwing a Christmas party this year? If so, don’t neglect your garden! We know that it’s tempting to make parties strictly indoor-only affairs during the colder months, but your garden can become a magical place this December. Here are some of our favourite décor ideas – plus some tips on how to keep your guests safe.

Create a grotto

What else screams Christmas like Santa’s Grotto? If you have a shed or summer house that can be repurposed into Father Christmas’s North Pole HQ, then pull out all the stops! Candles will make it look so welcoming from the outside, and you can create more interest by placing lights along a path leading to it. Deck the shed out with wreaths and garlands – and if you want to go all out, persuade someone to dress up as Santa himself!

A festive postbox

If you’re short on outside space but still want to create a beautiful festive atmosphere, then how about putting together a place where people can send their very own requests to Santa? You don’t need a lot of space for a letterbox, and a few decorative signposts and some cleverly placed decorative aggregates will help to set the scene. What you do with the letters is up to you of course – but it is the season of giving…

Decorate a tree

We all love to decorate our Christmas trees – but now about bringing the decorations outside this year? If you have a tree in your garden that’s easy to reach, then deck it with some outdoor fairy lights and some home-made (but weather-proof!) decorations. Providing that it isn’t too high, don’t forget to add a star or an angel to the top! You can even buy some light-up present boxes to sit under the tree and really finish off your design. 

Alfresco Christmas dining

We know it sounds crazy, but you can enjoy outdoor dining this winter. The key is making sure that everyone can stay warm. Buy some festive blankets and cushions, decorate the area, and ensure that your firepit or heater is ready for action. You could create a new Christmas Eve party tradition of enjoying a hot chocolate and a mince pie under the stars, waiting to see if you can spot Santa’s sleigh streaking across the sky! Children will find this experience especially magical.

Keep your guests safe

It’s not just about making your outside space look good. Whichever way you want to enjoy your garden this winter, it’s important that you take all the necessary steps to keep your guests safe. If you’re throwing a Christmas party and the weather turns against you, then stock up on de-icing supplies. You’ll be able to keep driveways and pathways safe and clear for guests, and prevent slips, trips and falls from spoiling your festive get-together.

 It’s time to get party planning!

The festive party season is fast approaching, so it’s a good idea to start decorating your garden sooner rather than later. When your guests see that you have put just as much effort into your outdoor space as you have the interior of your home, they’ll know that your party is going to be one to remember!

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