5 innovative ways to use reclaimed materials in your garden

Published : 24/01/2020 - Categories : Default

Recycling and upcycling are two words that are becoming ever more popular amongst interior designers and would-be renovators. 

There’s a real trend towards salvaging quirky items within renovation projects both within the home and externally. Not only can they look great, but they’re also an eco-friendly alternative to purchasing from new, which means you’re doing your bit for the environment.

For many people, the draw towards reclaimed materials is for the fact that they bring a unique sense of character and authenticity to a garden, as opposed to new, mass-produced materials and objects that are more commonly used.

Here are some of the best ways you can use reclaimed materials within your garden! 

1. Building materials

Did you know that the production of concrete in the UK makes up 2.6% of our carbon monoxide emissions?  If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint when hardscaping your outdoor area, you could always opt for reclaimed materials instead.

Second-hand paving, cobbles, sets and kerbs can sometimes be purchased for a fraction of the price of buying from new. It’s a given that they may not have the neat and tidy ‘uniform’ appearance of brand-new materials, but good finds are quality items that will last you well in the years to come.

2. Glass and plastic bottles

To add an unusual touch to your garden, use glass bottles to line pathways and flower beds. You could even use plastic bottles as hanging planters, which is the perfect way to re-use unwanted plastic that would otherwise be dumped into landfill. Simply cut the side out of the bottle, fill with soil and plant your gorgeous blooms in your very own makeshift pot. 

3. Vintage sink

Do you have an old sink you have stored away in your garage? Perhaps you’ve come across an original vintage sink at a car boot sale? If so, you could use this item as a quirky and inventive planter for your shrubs and bushes.

To install it securely, you’ll need to mount a strong pipe onto the bottom of the sink. Then, bury the other end within the soil below to prevent it from falling over. Fill up the bowl with fresh soil and you’re ready to start planting your seeds and shrubs! 

4. An old bike

Don’t scrap your old wheels! A rusty and unusable pre-loved bicycle can also make a unique feature and planter within your garden. Some old-fashioned bikes have a raised platform on the rear that makes the perfect foundation for a bedding plant basket.

5. Paint can birdhouses

If you have just a small amount of paint left in the tin and are worried about the metal ending up on landfill, why not use it to create an adorable birdhouse? You can make use of the left-over paint by decorating the exterior of the tin, so it stands out amongst the trees. Tie the tin to a branch with strong rope or ribbon, then fill the can with seeds and some twigs to create a cosy nest.

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