Sell Us Your Reclaimed

Here at Milestone we are very proud to stock and supply reclaimed materials. The reuse of building and landscaping materials is essential for sustaining the future of our planet. Although most reclaimed materials are of a mature age, they tend to be of the highest quality. Reclaimed materials have character; they have history and they usually have a story to tell.

The reuse of reclaimed materials is eco and environmentally friendly. It is unfortunate that a high percentage of these quality materials still end up at landfill. If you are not looking to purchase but to sell your reclaimed materials, give us a call, we may wish to purchase them from you. Perhaps we could reclaim some of the materials from your garden or site before you start your new project. Should you have a site that requires an urgent or immediate clearance, we can help. With many vehicles within our fleet, we can collect and remove your unwanted materials quickly and at short notice.

Call a member of our team to discuss. We stock the following reclaimed materials-

  • Reclaimed Bricks
  • Sleepers
  • Roofing Slates and Tiles
  • Paving
  • Setts & Cobbles