Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving

Natural stone paving has been used for hundreds of years. Natural paving products can be incredibly strong, hard wearing and beautiful. Reclaimed Yorkstone paving has history and character and can add a traditional and charming look to either a small garden setting or large open driveway. Slab sizes are generally random in depth, length and width. Colours tend to be dark in nature but can range from buffs to dark browns depending on the paving’s age and the environment in which it has been laid. Material would be supplied and delivered on pallets.

 Reclaimed Yorkstone

 Reclaimed Yorkstone

Prices start from £85/m2 (Excluding Vat & Delivery)

Reclaimed Granite Setts & Cobbles

Reclaimed Granite Setts & Cobbles are ideal for driveways, courtyards, patios and pathways as an alternative to block paving. Natural stone setts are extremely hardwearing and versatile and unlike manmade products, they will improve with age. Reclaimed Granite Setts can be less expensive than many types of manmade block paving products especially in areas of high demand. Reclaimed Granite Setts are still laid as cobbles streets and alleyways in many parts of the UK today.

Sett sizes can differ. Setts that are older tend to be more random in size. If the setts are of a very mature age they can be random in length, width and depth. If the setts are younger, they tend to be more consistent. We would always recommend purchasing reclaimed setts or cobbles by their width. Random depths can be corrected within the bedding process and random lengths create a truly magnificent look which gives the material character and charm. A consistent width is vital, most if not all of our reclaimed setts are sorted into consistent widths.

Our reclaimed setts can be supplied in loose or bulk bagged loads.

 Reclaimed Setts

 Reclaimed Setts

Prices start from £100/tonne (Excluding Vat & Delivery)

Reclaimed Granite Kerbs

Reclaimed Granite Kerbs are ideal for creating features, planting areas, steps or just as kerbs. Like reclaimed setts and cobbles they sit best in a traditional environment and add character and charm. Lengths are generally random but normally between 600mm – 1.2 metres. Widths and depths can also vary depending on the environment they have ben reclaimed from. It depends whether they have been laid as a flat or edged kerb. Normally sizes would be 300mm wide x 150mm deep (flat) or 150mm wide x 300mm deep (edge).

Our reclaimed kerbs are supplied and delivered on pallets.

 Reclaimed Kerb

 Reclaimed Kerb

Prices start from £20/lm (Excluding Vat & Delivery)

We also supply Reclaimed Bricks and sleepers. We have many different reclaimed materials in stock, but availability cannot be guaranteed due to the fast movement of these types of products.

Call a member of our team to discuss your requirements. We have a full list of reclaimed stock products available on request.

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