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Travertine paving delivers a classic Mediterranean look that will blend seamlessly into any landscape. Boasting Turkish origins, our travertine pavers have a unique texture that is carved from the constant flow of natural hot springs, resulting in smooth yet intriguing surface patterns.Travertine has a similar finish to limestone, but many believe it has hidden depths. The luxurious undertones found within our selection of travertine paving slabs ensure they are a solid choice for any garden or commercial setting that requires an opulent yet relatively simple paving solution. No two slabs are the same, and it’s their unpredictable nature which makes travertine pavers such an interesting purchase.Our travertine pavers can be laid indoors or outdoors, allowing you to experiment with colour and tone throughout your entire living space. Silver/grey travertine slabs are a particular favourite with customers who want to pave both their patio and their living or dining area to truly bring the outside in.Click on the products below for more information on our range of travertine paving slabs, or contact Milestone directly to discuss the right solution for your next landscaping project.

  • Silver Grey Travertine Roman Paving Patio Pack
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