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Available in a wide range of colours and styles, granite setts add elegance to any setting and are a great alternative to concrete block paving. Our cost-effective granite setts are commonly used for paths, driveways and edgings, but are also a long-lasting option for larger pedestrian areas and roads.

Granite setts that are made from natural stone have remained a firm favourite amongst designers for centuries simply because they’re a great solution for any environment. In fact, the use of these kinds of cobbles is thought to date back to Roman times. Granite is durable enough to perform under the strain of regular traffic, yet it also provides a beautifully rugged aesthetic that lends itself well to both traditional and contemporary designs.

Experiment with texture to create granite paving designs that have depth and character. Our cropped granite setts can add an olde-worlde quality to any setting thanks to their naturally uneven colouring and weathered edging. Alternatively, you could opt for popular silver or grey granite setts if you’re after a more uniform look that can be incorporated into any landscape, old or new. Our black basalt setts offer a smooth, sleek exterior that’s synonymous with many of the UK’s best-loved modern streetscapes.

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