Please read the content of this page carefully. By purchasing our Natural Stone products, you signify your acceptance with the colour and texture variations which form part of our terms and conditions.

Variations in colour

We believe that the beauty of Natural Stone is the variations in colours, textures and features.  These variations can provide an authentic and unique feel to any landscape whether it is a commercial or private project. It is essential that you are aware of these variations before you purchase Natural Stone products from us. Some materials are more prone to variations than others, it’s important to understand that no piece of natural stone will be identical to the previous or next piece. For example, each piece of paving within a 20,50,100 or 1000mm2 project will be different to the next and will have its own beauty of variation of colour and texture. Natural Stone may vary from one consignment to the next. Some may even contain fossils or veining. It is also very important to understand that these variations can change when the products are wet.

Below are some examples of the variations that you should expect when purchasing from us:

 Beige Riven Paving

The image above is a good representation of the colour variations that you can expect from Indian Beige Riven Paving.

 Yellow Granite Paving

The image above shows the variations in our Yellow Granite Paving

 Purple Schist Paving

A good example of the variations in colour of our Beige Sawn and Sandblasted Paving. The variations are heavily highlighted in this image due to the paving being wet.

Purple Schist Feature Stones

A good example of Purple Schist Feature Stones. Very noticeable colour variations that are even more apparent when the material is wet.

Variations when wet

As well as understanding the variations of colour within natural stone products when they are dry, it is also extremely important to understand that these variations can enhance or change when the products are wet.

This may seem like a fairly obvious thing to consider, but it’s surprising how many customers do not appreciate how different a natural material can look whilst wet. The colours of the material tend to heavily enhance and highlight veining or fossils which may have not been so visually apparent when dry. We believe that this is what makes natural stone beautiful, but you need to consider these considerations before making your purchase. By making a purchase, you are adhering to these variations listed within our terms and conditions.

Below are some examples of these variations.

Beige Sawn & Sandblasted Paving

Blue Grey Granite Paving

 Beige Dry


 Beige Wet


 Blue Dry


 Blue Wet


Rounded Flint Stones

Plum Slate Shale

 Rounded Dry


 Rounded Wet


 Plum Dry


 Plum Wet


Variations in texture

It is also extremely important to understand the variations in texture of Natural Stone. The same principles apply as colour variation; each slab can be slightly different to the last. Although your order may consist of a paving which has a Riven texture, it is important to understand that each slab will be Riven in a slightly different place to the next slab. Depending on the product that you choose, the texture will normal be either, Riven, Sawn, Sawn and Sandblasted, Flamed or Bush Hammered. Example images of these textures are below:

Flamed Texture

 Flamed Texture

Bush Hammered Texture

 Bush Hammered Texture

Sawn & Sandblasted Texture

Sawn and Sandblasted Texture 

Riven Texture

Riven Texture 

Sawn Texture

 Sawn Texture

Cropped Texture

 Cropped Texture

Sandstone Paving

Sandstone pavers are formed from sedimentary rock, being mainly composed of calcium carbonate, quartz and iron oxide. The sedimentary rock of natural Sandstone is the process of hundreds and thousands of year’s association with life at the bottom of the ocean, beaches and within riverbeds. Natural Sandstone encompasses all the elements of the ocean, the beach, the rivers and the sand from our earth. Sand becomes sandstone when it is compacted by the pressure of overlying deposits and the pore spaces between the sand grains become cemented by the precipitation of minerals which then determine the colour of natural Sandstone.

The cementing materials will determine the colour of natural Sandstone which range from white and buff, through to yellows, pinks, reds and black. The range of colours and the beauty of Sandstone make it a popular choice for landscaping. Sandstone pavers are porous stones, and allow the penetration of water, which make them the ultimate choice for outside areas. Sandstone can withstand time and wet weather and still retain their natural beauty.

Limestone Paving

Limestone is a natural stone material and is a popular choice as a flooring and paving material for both indoors and out. Limestone is tough and durable with a natural riven texture, making it the ideal choice for use around swimming pools, paths and bathrooms where its non slip properties are highly valued.

Our Indian Limestone is ethically sourced and has a very fine grain which makes it very tough, non-porous and non-slip. Limestone is a natural and beautiful addition to any home, giving a stylish and classic look that is not only timeless but versatile, hard wearing and will increase the value and style of any home whether traditional or modern

Limestone comes in a wide range of styles, colours and pattern options that look magnificent in any setting. With finishes ranging from the rugged that brings a traditional appeal through to the more modern honed variety with a smoother finish and a contemporary look, there is a Limestone tile that will bring your home to life and create a designer feel that will be truly envied.

Being a sedimentary stone, Limestone reacts to acidic substances such as wine and vinegar, but with the correct sealing is the perfect choice for kitchen flooring as well as walls and countertops. Limestone is soft to the touch with a natural non-slip surface that combines the gentle and tough being an ideal complementary addition to any home.

Slate Paving

Slate is a fine-grained foliated metamorphic rock developed by the alteration of sedimentary rock made up of clay or volcanic ash by low grade regional metamorphism. Slate has been popular for a wide variety of uses within the building industry such as roofing, flooring and flagging due to its tough, hard wearing properties as well as its attractive appearance.

Slate is frequently grey in colour but comes in a variety of colours from blue/greys, greens through to dramatic black and often varies due to the locality it is sourced from. When cut in the quarry, many slates will form smooth flat sheets of stone which are primarily used for roofing and floor tiles.

Slate tiles have become a popular flooring choice in recent years. A slate floor is extremely durable, especially in heavy traffic areas such as an entrance hall. Slate tiles are naturally slip-resistant, non porous and are resilient to fire and water, making them the ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens or pool areas

Granite Paving

 Granite paving is sawn on all sides with either a flame textured or bush hammered top surface. Granite paving is extremely hard wearing and ideal for use in modern contemporary designs.

Granite is speckled in appearance and consistent in colour with little variation. This attractive granite paving is ideal for use both internally and externally. Suitable applications include driveways‚ pathways‚ garden patios‚ market places and streetscapes.

Yorkstone Paving

Our British Yorkstone paving is only sourced from UK quarries. Diamond sawn on all six sides‚ its clean lines‚ crisp surface and technical attributes makes Sawn Yorkstone ideal paving for both modern contemporary private gardens and public spaces with heavy pedestrian traffic.

In addition to paving‚ a whole variety of other items can be produced in sawn Yorkstone. These can include but are not limited to: setts‚ steps‚ risers‚ copings‚ pier caps and kerb stones. For price and availability on these bespoke items please contact us directly.

If are unsure about the colour and texture variations of any of our products please request a sample.

Please note, samples of our materials provided are intended as a guide to the general character and substance of the product. We cannot accept any liability for any colour, visual or texture variations upon the supply of your order.

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